Ingrid Raphael

Client reviews

Wondrous and expert magic

Ingrid Raphael is a beauty therapist like no other. Your bespoke facial treatment is always crafted and devised on the day of your appointment.  It is not possible to book a treatment from a list of options at this therapy room, oh no. Instead, you are invited to book ‘time’ for Ingrid to work her wondrous and expert magic on your skin.

Truly has the healing touch

Ingrid is incredible. Too much of a gem not to share. During the initial consultation and review of my skin Ingrid let me know that she had already made allowances for me being vegan and had hand selected the best cruelty free and vegan products from her apothecary, and had even gone as far to seek assurances from the manufacturers. I was so touched by her personal service.

Ingrid truly has the healing touch and honours the skin for the organ that it is. She will give you a facial but on steroids.

Expert bespoke care

Ingrid knows that each person’s skin has different needs, which is why every Hackney resident must visit her for professional know-how and expert bespoke care.

Extremely professional, very knowledgeable

I have been having treatments with Ingrid for almost a year now and every experience has been absolutely amazing. Ingrid is extremely professional, very knowledgeable and has great interpersonal skills. Ingrid was recommended to me by 5 of my family members who are regular customers, they all speak very highly of her. Her salon is immaculate with a very relaxing atmosphere. It’s always a struggle to leave after having a treatment done. She really is amazing.

A real treat, worth every penny

I started having facials with Ingrid shortly before my wedding. She did a wonderful job of clearing stress/hormonal acne that’s flared up periodically ever since I was a teenager, so there were no monsters on my big day.

I’ve had facials with her every month or so since then and my skin has never looked better. Pores are shrunk, old acne scars faded, and generally everything looks brighter and fresher. Every facial is bespoke and different, depending on what you need, and Ingrid herself is very friendly, welcoming, and knowledgable.

In the last few months, I’ve also sent my husband along for a couple of sessions to clear up some ongoing skin issues, and his skin is looking so much better.

In short, going to see Ingrid is a real treat, and worth every penny.

Second to none

Without question, the quality of Ingrid’s work is second to none. Over the years, I have been to dozens – if not hundreds of other beauty therapists, and no one can match the quality of Ingrid’s work. And it’s all done with considerable charm. I’m always amazed how Ingrid can remember which colour polish I had the last time I visited! She pays enormous attention to the detail of each of her client’s needs.